About Bool connect

Bool Connect is a comprehensive search platform for Recruiters, Researchers and other search professionals looking for online leads. The platform combines advances web scraping techniques and natural language processing to mine for unique search results, which can then be stored or exported for further use.

Bool Connect combines the best aspects of BOOL (Boolean string building and X-ray searching) and the Boolean String Bank (crowd-sourced Boolean strings and strategies), with additional easy to use features, information storage and the opportunity to connect with talented search professionals.

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Bool Connect combines advanced web scraping, natural language processing (nlp) and Boolean search techniques to improve the efficiency of any search process.

Features and benefits include:

  • Aggregate Search - The Aggregate Search (Agg-Search) feature is powered by advanced web scraping and natural language processing techniques(nlp) and allows you to X-ray search your favorite social media sites using the Google search engine. You can run a series of searches and build a unique list of Names, Descriptions, Keywords and Urls, which you can filter and export for further analysis. This approach saves valuable sourcing time since you don't have to sift through duplicate results whenever you search.
  • Boolean String Builder - The platform offers members a chance to construct Boolean strings of various complexities by adding required and unrequired search criteria to a simple table interface. With this interface, the user remains in control of the final string content, which is generated with the click of a button.
  • Access to Boolean Strings - Boolean strings are unique signatures of search professionals than can span any search platform, making them timeless staples of the search industry. Inorder to gain access to crowdsourced Boolean search strings, all Bool connect members are required to register with the Boolean String Bank. As an added bonus, members have a choice to store their generated strings in a personal library or donate to the Boolean String Bank.
  • Notepad - With this feature, members can keep track of their notes and strategies and access them from any sign in location. For your privacy and peace of mind, all notes are encrypted before they are stored in our database. For added security, please do not store passwords or other sensitive information in this section.
How To Get Started:
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