Description String Industry
Sample string for finding top data scientists (Head OR Lead OR Chief OR "Vice President" OR SVP OR VP OR Director OR Dir. OR Manager) AND ("Data Science" OR "Data Scientist" OR (Analytics AND Python)) Internet
Broad string for finding Java developers on LinkedIn with no seniority or location specified (Java OR J2ee OR Jee) (Developer OR Development OR Engineer OR Architect OR Technologist OR Engineering) Internet
Find Python Developers (Courtesy of Talentsonar) (programmer OR developer OR engineer OR sde) AND python AND (django OR flask OR pyramid OR bottle) AND (virtualenv OR chef OR puppet OR sentry OR raven OR implement OR deploy OR design) Internet
Broad adtech categories (DMP OR "Data Management Platform" OR DSP OR "Demand-side Platform" OR SSP OR "Supply-side Platform" OR DS OR "Data Supplier" OR RTB OR "Real-time Bidding" OR Adtech OR "Advertising Technology") Internet
.NET Developer string and keywords .Net AND (VS OR “Visual Studio”) AND (VB OR “Visual Basic” OR AND (ASP OR AND (C# OR ) AND “SQL Server” Internet
String for finding Automation Testers (“qa” OR “quality assurance” OR “quality analyst” OR “automation tester”) AND “sql” AND agile AND scrum AND rest AND soap AND “java” AND (cucumber OR “jet brains” OR gherkin OR “cmm” OR “cmmi” OR “cast” OR “cste” OR “cmst” OR certified OR certification) Internet
String for finding Database Administrators (“database administration” OR “database administrator” OR “DB Admin” OR DBA) AND (SQL OR “SQL Server”) Internet
Drupal Expert / Webmaster (“web developer” OR developer OR programmer OR engineer OR “web master” OR webmaster) AND drupal AND “google analytics” AND (“seo” OR websites OR microsites OR “landing pages” OR “cms” OR “crm” OR “relational database” OR “api” OR “ui” OR “ux” OR “social media” OR paradot OR requirements) Internet
Email/Messaging System Administrator (“systems administrator” OR “systems administration” OR “email systems administrator”) AND (“email delivery systems” OR powermta OR port25 OR “message systems” OR strongmail OR qmail OR sendmail OR ironport OR postfix) AND (“mta” OR “dns” OR “ptr” OR “mx records” OR “smtp protocols” OR “dkim” OR “spf” OR “dmarc” OR “fbl” OR “feedback loop”) Internet
String for finding Help Desk Support talent (helpdesk OR support OR technician OR “help desk” OR “service desk”) AND (OSX OR JDE OR iSeries OR virtual OR virtualization OR vmware) AND (“AD” OR “Active Directory”) AND DHCP AND DNS AND (network OR networking) AND (switches OR switching OR routers OR routing) AND (firewalls OR security) Internet