Boolean String Builder Snapshot

Quickly Build Robust Boolean Strings

A Boolean string is a logical combination of keywords and Boolean operators (AND, OR & NOT). For additional info and sample Boolean strings, visit the Boolean String Bank

  1. Create Boolean Table:
    • Add input areas for required keywords using the button.
    • Add input areas for related required keywords using the button.
    • Add input areas for unrequired keywords using the button.
  2. Populate Boolean Table: Inserts related keywords within the same column to dynamically build your Boolean string, which is visible at the bottom of the table.
  3. Choose Search Type: X-Ray Search options include LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Filetype Search options include PDF, doc, docx, xls and ppt.

The BOOL chrome extension has a similar interface and is available on the Chrome store.

Cost: FREE

Candidate Pipeline Snapshot

Build a List of Unique Search Results

Already built and previewed your string?

  1. Click Capture. Boolio will return a unique list up to 100 search results.
  2. Refine your search string by modifying the keywords in the Boolean table. Consider using the Keyword Extractor and autocomplete feature for suggestions
  3. Preview your modified string and click Capture to retrieve more unique results.
  4. Reiterate and track the number of unique results to determine a reasonable stopping point.


  • Preview: FREE
  • Capture: Unlimited (~10 000/day) with a $30/Month Subscription/ $1 = $1 token/each
Boolean Keyword Suggestion Snapshot

Get Insights and Keyword Suggestions

This feature was removed in the current version

The autocomplete feature provides keyword suggestions that allow for faster and newer Boolean strings. Currently, a user may choose either text from a web page or saved results as the keyword source.

  1. Extract Keywords From Web Page

    • Copy the link of a webpage that contains the desired search keywords
    • Paste the link into the box containing the icon
    • Click outside the box and Boolio will resturn keywords according to the following categories – All, People, Places, Emails
    • Important! Not all websites allow third party web scraping. E.g. include LinkedIn, Facebook and other prominent consumer product websites.

  2. Extract Keywords From Saved Results: If you have one or more search results, you may select "Saved Results" from the Keyword Extractor dropdown. This will resturn search keywords according to the following categories – All, People, Places, Emails

Keywords may be used to drive external sourcing decisions or offer suggestions while building Boolean strings once the autocomplete checkbox is selected

Cost: FREE

Boolio Email Validator Snapshot

Test Emails and Reduce Bounce Back Rates

This feature was replaced by an email finder in the current version

Boolio's Email Validator is simple, robust and works across multiple domains, including and

By using a multi-step process the Email Validator informs you if your email address invalid (incorrect format), valid but does not exist(valid format but does not exist) or exists.

Compare to other prominent email testers like

Cost: FREE