Description String Industry
Architect (“Solutions architect” OR “Chief Architect” OR “Chief Engineer” OR “Data Architect” OR “Principal Architect” OR “Principle Engineer” OR “information Architect”) AND (Integration OR Design* OR Solution* OR Configuration) AND PMP AND ITIL AND (Cloud OR Mail OR Servicedesk OR "Service desk" OR Helpdesk OR "Help desk" OR Mobility) AND (DODAF OR AESM OR Framework) Defense & Space
Information Assurance (RMF OR “Risk Management”) AND (“Information Assurance” OR “Information Security” OR “C&A” OR “A&A” OR “C & A” OR “A & A” OR Accreditation) AND (Security OR CoOP* OR SCA OR NIST OR SSP* OR “security Control*” OR Assessment) AND (CISSP OR CISM OR CISA OR CAP OR ISACA OR ISC) Defense & Space
sharepoint developer "CI Polygraph" AND "Sharepoint Developer" AND "Infopath" Defense & Space
Systems Engineer ("system engineer" | "system administrator") AND ("windows server" AND "redhat") AND ("systems engineering" | "vmware esx" | "autocad") Defense & Space
include certain locations location: iowa AND washington and idaho AND kansas city area AND alabama AND missouri AND texas AND tennessee AND oklahoma AND new mexico AND florida AND arizona AND utah AND nevada AND colorado AND california Defense & Space