Description String Industry
Retail e-learning manager UK (elearning OR e-learning OR "learning innovation" OR "blended learning" OR "online training" OR "Online L&D" OR "online learning" OR "Social Learning" OR microlearning OR Gamification OR "serious games") AND manager AND(retail OR hospitality) (inurl:com/pub OR inurl:com/in) NOT inurl:pub/dir Retail
Happy Creamies Happy Creamies Apple, Spinach, Pear & Kiwi 28g OR Happy Creamies Retail
CIO (“ICT leader” OR “Chief Information Officer” OR CIO) (“leadership and direction” OR “IT service delivery” OR “managing the IT portfolio” OR “Managing daily operations”) (“delivery of IT department” OR “IT systems” OR “processes are compliant” OR “internal controls” OR “regulatory policies”) (“disaster recovery” OR “Managing vendors”) (“operating within the budget” OR “Cost control”) ISACA Retail
HR Manager Manager AND (“Human Resources” OR HR) AND (‘succession planning” OR change management” OR “HR Transformation” ) AND ( Recruiting OR “Talent Acquisition”) AND (workplace planning OR “employee engagement” OR “workforce planning” OR training OR “organizational design) AND (“Personnel management” OR “labor relations” OR “employee relations” OR onboarding OR sourcing OR recruitments) AND (“labor legislation” OR “employee benefits” OR “job evaluation”) AND Human Resource (head OR specialist OR consultant) Retail
Director of eCommerce Operations (Director or CEO or VP or "Vice President") AND (Logistics or "supply chain" or supplychain or warehouse) AND (ecommerce or "E-Commerce" or "Ecommerce" or ECommerce) AND (Pay or collect) Retail
Software Engineer ("Software Engineer" OR "Software Developer" OR "Software Lead") AND ("Machine Learning" OR "AI" OR "Artificial Intelligence") AND ( Bentonville OR Dallas OR Sunnyvale) NOT (.NET) Retail
1 (intitle:resume OR intitle:cv) "sales associate" "retail" "maryland" Retail