Description String Industry
Facilities Director - (building services Engineering AND (mechanical OR industrial OR Reliability) (‘Process Control” OR RCM OR “Root Cause Analysis” OR “Condition Monitoring” OR “operations professional” OR Engineering) maintained AND (plant OR equipment) (manufacturing OR design OR procurement OR maintenance OR operation OR maintenance OR repair OR modification OR “automated packaging” OR “PLC programming” and troubleshooting) Managing AND (organisation OR “maintenance team”) Driving implementation OR “HSE practices” OR Facilitation AND (communication OR “best practice standards” OR specifications) Manager AND (“Reliability Maintenance” OR “mechanical maintenance” OR maintenance) Maintenance AND (“cement plant” OR mechanical OR department OR costs OR safety OR “quality of work” OR plant OR equipment OR “high standard” OR efficiently OR “optimum cost” OR budgets OR management) “manufacturing activities” AND (design OR procurement OR maintenance OR operation) Facilities Services