Description String Industry
grand opening yoga Grand Opening AND Yoga Studio Health, Wellness & Fitness
Fitness search site: "updated their cover photo" and "fitness studio" AND "89 people like this" Health, Wellness & Fitness
IT Security Manager & CISO ("IT infrastructure" OR IT) ("IT Strategy" OR "Solution Architecture" OR "IT Management") ("IT Strategy" OR "Solution Architecture" OR "IT Management") ("Security Specialist" OR "IT Security")("staff development" OR "succession planning" OR "IT strategic plan") (Programming OR C++ OR "C# Billing") ("Customer care" OR "Management Strategic" OR Operational OR tactical) Health, Wellness & Fitness
X ray searching for a programmer on LinkedIn ("Software developer" OR "software Engineer" OR Development OR developer) AND (CS OR C.S OR "computer Science") AND Seattle WA Health, Wellness & Fitness