Description String Industry
Sales Professionals in the Drilling equipment and Mining equipment Industry (bobcat OR excavator OR caterpillar OR copco) AND ("account manager" OR "sales engineer" OR "sales manager" OR "account executive") NOT (recruiter OR recruiting OR staffing) Mining & Metals
Project Director Project AND (Director OR manager OR "Study Manager" OR planning) OR Management (safety OR Project OR Process OR "process Improvement" OR contract OR production OR budget) Senior ("process engineer" OR "project manager" OR "process manager) Chief Metallurgical engineer ("Plant maintenance" OR "risk assessment" OR "continuous improvement" OR metallurgy) Process AND (control OR mineral) Mining & Metals
Vice President of Mining (“Vice President” VP OR Vice-President OR Vice President) AND (“Technical and Business Development” OR “Senior Regional” OR General OR Operations OR Senior OR Metallurgy OR Associate OR National OR) Director AND (Regional Project) Manager AND (Program OR Maintenance OR General OR Mine OR Engineering OR Mining)Management AND (Project OR Materials OR Contract OR Change OR Risk OR Safety OR Supply Chain OR general OR senior OR metal processing OR manpower) (Mine OR Mining) AND (Underground OR operations OR planning OR “Industry Professionals” OR “news & networking” OR Engineering OR Safety OR CA) improvement AND (“Business Process” OR Continuous OR Process) (Geology OR OR Geologist OR Drilling OR “Precious Metals” OR “Head Of Production” OR “Copper manufacturing” OR “Tailings Leach Plant” OR Smelting OR “copper refinery” OR “slime processing” OR “ Electrolytic refining OR “Mineral Exploration” OR SX/EW OR Anode OR “process control“ OR “Plant Operations” OR “Strategic Sourcing” OR “strategic direction” OR “value-creation” OR “ Process Engineering” OR “Contract Negotiation” OR Commissioning OR “Mineral Processing” OR Metallurgy) (Gold OR ERP OR Copper OR “Base Metals” OR OR “Six Sigma” OR Coal OR “Iron Ore” OR “Metals & Mining”) Mining & Metals
High Voltage Electrician "HV Electrician" OR "Maintenance Electrician" OR "Electrical Expert" OR "Electrical Worker" OR "High Voltage Electrician" OR "Electrical Engineering Technician" OR " Electrical Tradesman" OR "Electro-Mechanical Technician" OR "Electronic Equipment Technician" OR "Electronic Technician" OR "Engineering Technician" OR "Electrician" OR "Electrical Engineers" OR "Electronics Electrician" Mining & Metals